Home Editor's Pick Air India co-pilot thrashes captain inside cockpit!

Air India co-pilot thrashes captain inside cockpit!


pilot_650_040615092449New Delhi, April 6 – An Air India aircraft witnessed heated argument between a captain and the co-pilot at Jaipur airport on Sunday evening. The incident took place just before the scheduled take-off of the Airbus A-320 to Delhi from Jaipur.

An Air India spokesperson said both the pilots- commander and co-pilot have been derostered pending investigation. The Times of India reported that, “the captain had asked his co-pilot to note down the take off figures for the flight which involves writing information about number of passengers on board, take off weight and fuel uptake.

The co-pilot took offence at this and reportedly thrashed the captain.” The captain reportedly made a log entry with Air India movement control after the flight landed in Delhi.

Reports suggest that the co-pilot in question has faced similar charges in the past too. “AI and DGCA should examine this case. If the complaints about the co-pilot’s behaviour are found true, the authorities must act,” said a pilot.