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Selliyal.com is a creation to cater for the growing need for balanced and objective news and information in Tamil and English for the internet and mobile phone users particularly aimed at Malaysians.

Launched on the 12th of December 2012, Selliyal.com strives to provide news and writings in Tamil and English covering a wide variety of topics, realising that the online news portals in Tamil are under served in Malaysia.

R.Mutharasan, who has penned numerous writings in Tamil and English, is the Managing Editor of Selliyal.com.

Muthu Nedumaran who has wide experience in IT related fields, is the architect of Selliyal.com. He was responsible for developing the infrastructure for the web and mobile distribution of Tamil content.

Muthu Nedumaran is also the author of “Murasu Anjal” Tamil software and “Sellinam” which are the most popular Tamil techonology platforms  on desktops, web and mobile devices. “Sellinam” is a mobile app for intelligent Tamil text input on  iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

Realising our responsibility as a news provider in the current politically volatile environment, Selliyal.com will endeavour, as much as possible, to disseminate objective and balanced news and information covering all the stakeholders.