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Hindraf welcomes government’s decision to lift the ban


Waytha-SliderJan 28 – In a press statement, Hindraf chairman P.Waythamoorthy has welcome the government’s decision to lift the movement’s ban which had lasted for last four years. His statement reads as follows:

“HINDRAF welcomes the decision by the government to lift the ban on HINDRAF as HINDRAF continues to press ahead with highlighting the plight of the marginalized Malaysian Indians and seeking permanent redress for the various problems confronting them.”

“This step which we consider a small step is the first positive step that the BN Government is taking to begin the real process of correction of the chronic problem that Hindraf has been raising somewhat noisily and for which it was rendered an illegal organization in 2008. HINDRAF has paid a heavy price through arbitrary, malicious and biased propaganda in its struggle thus far, but since the struggle is a dharmic struggle, we continue on the belief that truth will always prevail and our struggle can only lead to victory sooner or later.


The lifting of the ban no doubt provides us with new opportunities to push forward in our struggle. The perseverance and trust that the marginalized Malaysian Indian community has bestowed on us has made us resolute to seek permanent solutions to eradicate the discriminative policies that are at the root of the problem. Our resoluteness is expressed in pursuing our 5 year Blueprint to its ultimate realization, and without compromise. This is the only way to solve a problem from its root upwards and that has been in the making for 56 years.

With this turn of events now, Hindraf leadership will be meeting on an urgent basis to discuss the way forward. Top on the agenda is the invitation by the Government to have an open dialogue with the Prime Minister with the view of finding solutions to the problems faced by the Indian community. We will be approaching all these new opportunities with our minds and our eyes wide open, so as to avoid the wrong turns of the past.”