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DAP powerless in Pakatan, says MCA


PETALING JAYA: The Pakatan Rakyat manifesto proves DAP’s subservience in the opposition bloc by its omission of two of that party’s pet projects, according to an analysis by MCA national organising secretary Tee Siew Keong.

Referring to the manifesto’s failure to make promises with regard to local government elections and a law against party hopping, Tee said it was obvious that DAP could not exert any influence during the drafting of the document.

“Why not include these points in Pakatan’s manifesto?” he said in a media statement.


“ It is clear that DAP is acting on its own by enacting the laws,” he added, referring to legislation passed in the Penang state assembly.

dapLast month, after the assembly had passed the Local Government Elections Enactment 2012, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng urged Putrajaya and the Election Commission (EC) to restore local elections in the state or face court action.

Yesterday, Lim told the media his government had passed an anti-hopping law under Enactment A13 of the state constitution and that it came into force on Feb 15.

Tee, noting that Lim did not object to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s 2009 attempt to woo Barisan Nasional MPs to the opposition, said Lim acted hypocritically in promoting the anti-hopping legislation.

“DAP could not influence PKR and PAS when the Pakatan manifesto was drafted,” he said. “Therefore, Lim decided to implement these two laws only in Penang to strengthen his position.

“It’s important for the people to see that DAP will only be powerful in Penang and the other states under Pakatan will be forced to follow PAS’ instructions.”