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Young Chinese man joins Waytha’s strike


RAWANG: Hindraf supremo P Waythamoorthy’s hunger strike received support from an unlikely supporter, a young Chinese man.

Nyam Kee Han, an activist of Johor-based human rights organisation, Sahabat Rakyat, was convinced that Waythamoorthy’s cause is justified and decided to join him.

The Hindraf leader’s hunger strike is taking place at the Arulmigu Agora Veerabathirar Sanggili Karuppar Kovil temple here.

Nyam arrived at the temple at 9am yesterday and ended his fast at same time today.

He said he joined the hunger strike not only to show his support to Waythamoorthy but also to Hindraf’s “just and non-partisan struggle” for marginalised minority communities in the country.

He wanted to show Hindraf’s critics that the human rights organisation was not racist and it was struggling for the down-trodden.

chin“Sahabat Rakyat and Hindraf are for change. We both want to dump Barisan Nasional once and for all. That’s always our stand,” he told FMT.

Nyam said any reform agenda could never be successful by ignoring, neglecting and sidelining a section of marginalised citizens.

The main purpose of Waythamoorthy’s hunger strike was to pressure Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to acknowledge that human rights of ethnic Indians had been violated.

Meanwhile, Nyam said that the onus was more on Pakatan, compared to BN, to give recognition and endorse Hindraf’s blueprint.