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Algeria Celebrates Mandela Day In Algiers

ALGIERS, Algeria, July 19 – “Mandela Day,” an international annual day in tribute to the hero of anti-apartheid struggle, Nelson Mandela, was celebrated Thursday at the Psychological Care Centre of the National Foundation for Promotion of Health and Research Development (FOREM) in Bentalha, here, Algeria Press Service (APS) reported.

The programme of the event, organised by South Africa’s embassy in Algeria, includes repairing of the front side of the Psychological Care Centre of Bentalha, a district that was the theatre of massacres against the local population in 1997 by terrorists. The children of Bentalha, who survived the massacre, are still traumatised.

South-African embassy’s personnel and the members of the FOREM have been mobilised for the event, celebrated for the first time in Algeria, and which took place in the presence of the foundations’ chairman, Mostefa Khiati, and South-African Ambassador Joseph Kotane.

“It’s the first time Mandale Day is celebrated in Algeria since its creation in 2010. We seek to transform the 67 year of Mandela’s political activism into 67 minutes of voluntary work,” Khiati told reporters.