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Signature campaign by MIC branches to remove Karuppannan as Penang State Chairman


MIC-Logo-SliderGeorge Town,  August 26 – Penang MIC sources revealed that the MIC branches in the state have launched a signature campaign calling for the removal of their state chief M.Karuppannan.

In its publication dated 22nd August 2014 the popular Tamil daily Thinakural also published a front page news claiming that the MIC branches have commenced a signature campaign calling for the removal of M.Karuppannan since he has failed miserably in leading the Penang MIC State Congress.

Some of the highlights of the news are as follows:

“Party President Palanivel should take heed of the signature campaign by the branches and remove Karuppannan. If not the current opposition against Karuppannan prevailing in the state will turn into opposition against Palanivel himself”

Karuppannan’s continuous streak of losses

“It is clear that Karuppannan has clearly failed in his leadership since being appointed as MIC Penang State Chairman after the demise of former chairman Dato Subbiah.”

“Karuppannan lost at GE 13 when contested for the state seat of Bagan Dalam, Penang. Even that loss can be accepted as due to opposition tide in Penang. But in November 2013 party elections he lost in the contest for Central Working Committee position despite being supported by party President Palanivel.”

“At that time there was hope among MIC branches that Palanivel will bring in a new leadership to helm Penang. However, Palanivel, despite Karuppannan being rejected by MIC delegates, still appointed him as the State Chairman.Despite so many opportunities, Karuppannan could not bring any improvements or developments in Penang state MIC.”

Joining with opposition supporters to organize dinner

“Penang MIC needs a strong and vibrant leadership to attend to the woes of Penang Indians and to bring back the Indian voters back to Barisan Nasional because  Penang is strongly controlled by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.”

“However Karuppannan recently attempted to organize a dinner gathering of the MIC branches with Ohms Thiagarajan, a well known supporter of Pakatan Rakyat. Karuppannan personally invited the branches for this dinner through sms and when the dinner meeting was cancelled he also personally informed about it to the branch chairmen through sms. This caused uproar among the branches with many directly and indirectly voicing their displeasure and objection.”


Penang MIC divided into two factions

“Many branch chairmen strongly feel that Karuppannan’s continued leadership will further weaken the Penang state and as a result they are already tired of his leadership. Many branch and division leaders have voiced concern that Penang state MIC could only be reformed if Karuppannan is removed as state Chairman. Hence they have started the signature campaign.”

“The Penang MIC State Congress liaison committee members, division leaders and branch leaders are now divided into two distinct factions. All of them are tired and worn out and the state MIC’s activities have stagnated.”

“Therefore Palanivel should act immediately and should not defend Karuppannan anymore as state chairman. Many division and branch leaders have warned that if he continues to do so, the opposition swelling against Karuppannan now in Penang MIC will eventually balloon into a formidable opposition against Palanivel himself.”