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Selliyal.com news portal is now available as a mobile app


Selliyal-launch-FeatureFebruary 24 –  Selliyal.com, the news portal in dual languages, English and Tamil was launched as a mobile app yesterday in Kuala Lumpur and with that it is now available on iPhones, iPads and all other mobile phones using the android platform.

For iPhones and iPads, Selliyal can be down loaded from appstore while for android phones the news portal can be downloaded from playstore.

Selliyal is the first mobile app news portal in Malaysia in Tamil language.

At the launch ceremony, in his welcome address, Selliyal’s Managing Editor R.Mutharasan outlined the reasons behind the creation of Selliyal. He said it took about 6 months to plan and create the content and technological platforms together with Selliyal’s technology architect Muthu Nedumaran.

Mutharasan also assured that Selliyal will not be aligned to any particular political leader or political group and as far as possible would take a neutral stand in the changing political climate of the country.

Selliyal’s technological features

At the launching ceremony, Muthu Nedumaran, the technology architect of Selliyal, with video presentations, demonstrated for about an hour how Tamil language was developed in computers facilitated by internet and further explained the technological features behind Selliyal mobile app.

He also demonstrated the use of “Sellinam’ another free app also developed by him for Tamil text input for mobile devices and emails.

Muthu Nedumaran said Selliyal is now available as a free app until May 1st. Thereafter it would be available for a fee but Muthu Nedumaran assured the amount would not be more than RM 10-00 per month.

In his presentation  Muthu Nedumaran also said that Selliyal is also being developed as an app for Blackberry phones and phones such as Nokia which are using the Windows platform and would be launched soon.

(photo: Selliyal’s technology architect Muthu Nedumaran (left) with Managing Editor R.Mutharasan)