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Sothinathan resigns from membership of MIC


Kuala Lumpur – Former MIC Vice President and CWC member Dato S.Sothinathan has resigned as a member of MIC with immediate effect, MIC sources said today. MIC sources also said that Sothinathan tendered his resignation letter today (Friday 17 August). However, the reasons are unknown and so far there has been no official statement from MIC Headquarters.

Sothinathan has held various positions in MIC including that of Secretary-General and CWC member. He was the member of Parliament for Teluk Kemang (now known as Port Dickson) for two terms and also served as a Deputy Minister under the previous Barisan Nasional government.

About 2 days ago, the newly elected MIC President Tan Sri S.A.Vigneswaran removed 4 nominated CWC members, namely Dato S.Sothinathan, Datuk R.S.Maniam, Dato S.M.Muthu and James Kalimuthu from their respective positions and replaced them with Datuk Subramaniam (MIC Branch chairman from Klang Division), Datuk Nelson, Datuk Ravichandran and lawyer Murugavel who is also the chairman of MIC Shah Alam division.