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MIED disburses scholarships & loans to needy Indian students


Kuala Lumpur : In a simple ceremony yesterday (January 15) MIED disbursed scholarships and loans to amounting to more than RM 2.94 million to needy Indian students pursuing their education at AIMST University and other educational institutions.

“We have helped and will go on helping, everyone, anyone from our community. Anybody and everyone from our community, who needs educational aid will be helped by MIC through MIED without any question. MIC and MIED is for every Malaysian Indian in this country. I would like reiterate here with great conviction that MIC will always strive to put the interest of our community first before anything” MIED Chairman Tan Sri S.A.Vigneswaran stated on his face book page.

“MIED so far Provided more than RM169 Million in Loans & Scholarships. The initial struggle by every single MIC member has enabled MIED, for the last 37 years, to help the children of our community through scholarship and loan disbursements and our jewel in the crown, the establishment of a world-class university. Today our pride – AIMST University – is worth close to about RM 1 billion” further noted Vigneswaran who is also the MIC President.


Each year, MIED provides millions in loans and scholarships to students pursuing tertiary education at universities, University colleges and private colleges. MIED has provided educational loans totaling more than 169 million Ringgit to more than 15 thousand students, in the last 37 years.