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Why was Manoharan dropped?


manoharan400pxGEORGE TOWN, April 28-  Dropped Kota Alam Shah incumbent M Manoharan’s wife has slammed DAP leaders describing them as “ungrateful” and “inconsiderate” people who “used” her children to garner support in the 2008 general elections.

S Pushpaneela said DAP national advisor Lim Kit Siang and party leaders had put their then 10-year-old son Hariharan on stage to harvest sympathy votes for the party when Manoharan was detained under the now repealed Internal Security Act but had ‘no courtesy’ to inform them as to why he was dropped.

She recalled the Hin Hwa Chinese school had seen the biggest every crowd to gather for a DAP rally in Klang in the 2008 polls.


“They used our children to draw sympathy only to turn their backs on Manoharan now. My children are shattered,” she told FMT here today. Manoharan and Pushpaneela have two other children Shivaranjini and Ganendra.

Manoharan won Kota Alam Shah state seat in Selangor while still in Kamunting Detention Centre. Pushpaneela said her children’s believe and faith in the credibility of DAP leaders crashed on April 19, 2013, the day DAP finalized its candidates list.

She said her children were proud of their father for being clean and compassion and are now wondering what had happened.

“Where is the gratification? Where is justice? We are left in the dark,” she said.

She said thus far none of the DAP leaders had had the courtesy  to explain to Manoharan why he was dropped and replaced by V Ganabatirau.

“For all his genuine hard work and sacrifices, till today no leader has called to justify the decision to drop him.

“We demand to know why he was dropped,” she said adding that if indeed there had been an issue, Manoharan was never contacted or summoned for a explaination. She said her husband was ready to face anyone if there was an issue because he was honest and always upheld integrity and righteousness.

“He has nothing to hide. There is no moral issue. His conscience is clear,” said Pushpaneela.