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Katrina Kaif caught in a daredevil act


katrinaMAY 8th- Leaked snapshots of Katrina Kaif filming stunts for her upcoming biggie Dhoom 3 have found their way to a website.

The pictures show Katrina performing a stunt on top of a metal edifice. She looks fetching in shimmering full-sleeved top, jeans and leather boots.

While netizens posting comments on the site seem to be engaged in a debate over whether the girl in the picture is Katrina or a body double, the face in the snapshots is quite clearly visible to suggest it is the actress herself.

The debate stems from reports that sprung up in sections of the press a while back claiming that Katrina was reluctant to do dangerous stunts- which present her in an action avatar. The pictures released on the web show the actress engaged in a few light stunts.


Katrina has also hit the gym to attain a toned body for her role in Dhoom 3. The Bollywood diva is also learnt to be working on regulating her diet.

The movie will cast Aamir as a super thief who uses acrobatic skills to pull off heists. Katrina will plays his partner in crime and also his love interest.

Abhishek Bachchan returns in his cop’s role, chasing the super villain, with Uday Chopra as his sidekick. The leaked pictures come as a surprise becauseDhoom 3 producer Yash Raj Films is known to be very secretive about its projects.

Going by the quality of the snapshots, it is possible someone managed to click a few photos on cell phone inside the studio.

The Vijay Krishna Acharya-directed film is slated for a Christmas release.