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Lahat Datu Incident A Reminder To Protect Country’s Sovereignty


SRI AMAN, Aug 31 – The bloody incident in Lahad Datu and security problems in the state, which led to the formation of the Rejang Area Security Command (Rascom), should be a reminder for leaders and the people to always work together to ensure unity and the country’s sovereignty remain intact.

Tan Sri Abdul Taib MahmudSarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said the progress enjoyed by the people in the state, especially in the rural areas, after independence was because of efficient political leadership.

“However, we cannot be satisfied with what we have achieved so far because it is crucial for us to protect and preserve unity and the country’s sovereignty to enable leaders in the country to continue with development efforts in line with the agenda to turn Sarawak into the richest state by 2020,” he said in his speech at the state-level 56th Merdeka Day celebration at the Sri Aman Sports Complex field here today.


The text of Abdul Taib’s speech at the event, which saw 6,000 participants from 124 contingents taking part in the Merdeka Day parade, was read by Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu.

pencerobohan-lahad-datu-terkiniAbdul Taib said the theme for this year’s Merdeka Day celebration, “My Sovereign Malaysia: My Native Land”, was apt with Sri Aman, previously known as Simanggang and Betong.

He said the strategic location of Sri Aman and the historical places in the area, like Bukit Sadok and Batang Ai, had turned it into an administrative centre.

However, he said,, the justification that brought the name change from Simanggang to Sri Aman was linked to the surrender of the armed communist guerillas.

Prior to that, he said, they were a threat to security in the state, especially in Sibu, Kanowit and Sarikei, which were now known as Rascom.