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New Apple iPhones: This is how you would see their ads


SEPT 24-Apple has reportedly laid down tough rules when it comes to advertisements for its new iPhone range.

The tech giant’s dozen-page rules specify the format of advertisements of how the distributors can promote the popular smartphone.

apple-iphone-4-101The rules ban the use of words and references like Chief Executive Tim Cook, video site YouTube and any references to glitches or hacking, use of exclamation marks and the word ‘new”, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.


According to the report, Apple has also demanded the right to review every place where ads are to be displayed and if distributors that failed to comply with the diktats ran the risk of being cut off from supply of Apple products.

apple-iphone-4-91Apple’s rules state that advertisements on bus panels, taxis and aircraft are forbidden and posters bearing images of Apple are not allowed at bars, hotels, gyms or doctors’ offices, while iPhone ads are allowed only on well-lit billboards, shopping malls and bus shelters.

A marketing executive from a distributor of Apple products said that Apple representatives would scream strings of expletives if advertisements deviated even slightly from the media guidelines.

The report further said that the tech giant prefers only full-page ads in big metropolitan newspapers and magazines and demands TV commercials run nationally during mainstream programs, more than half of which must be in prime time.