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Rahul Gandhi Hints He’s Ready To Be PM Candidate, Takes A Dig At Narendra Modi



New Delhi, Jan 15 – Ahead of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) meeting scheduled on January 17, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi has indicated that he is ready to become the prime minister if the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) returns to power after the Lok Sabha polls this year.

The party’s likely prime ministerial candidate made a veiled attack on the National Democratic Alliance’s PM candidate Narendra Modi saying the country doesn’t respect people like Aurangzeb having divisive policy.


In an interview to a leading Hindi daily, Gandhi indicated that his reluctance towards accepting the top job was fading as he said whatever responsibility was handed over to him by the party, now or in the future, he was willing to accept it and fulfil it to the best of his abilities.

“Ours is a democratic organisation. We believe in democracy. People of India will decide through their elected representatives who would become the prime minister. Bringing Congress to power is important for the country’s well-being. To achieve that whatever responsibility the party gives me, or will give in the future, I am ready to fulfil that to the best of my abilities,” Gandhi said in reply to a question whether he would accept the responsibility of becoming the party’s PM candidate.

He denied that the Congress lawmakers have distanced themselves from people. He said the party has many capable leaders who were working at the grassroots level. However, the Gandhi scion emphasised on the need to be more associated with the youth.

“India was ruled by the rulers like Ashok, Akbar and Aurangzeb. Ashok became famous for uniting people and Akbar also tried to do the same, so they are remembered respectfully. However, Aurangzeb is remembered in a different way. Congress has been uniting people for over a century,” he said in a veiled attack on Modi.

The 43-year-old leader said he wants to provide employment opportunities to the youth for which adequate growth rate as well as infrastructure development was required. He said he wants that all people must get enough food, house to live, security and communal harmony in the society.

Gandhi said he got into politics with this dream and wants to develop a system in the Congress to realise it. Under this mechanism every person would get an opportunity to his or her ability, he said adding they should also realise their responsibilities.