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Teresa to MCA: Apologise to me


Teresa-Kok-300x199PETALING JAYA, Feb 12 – Seputeh MP Teresa Kok today demanded an apology from MCA leaders, saying they had twisted the facts with regard to the contents of her controversial video.

Kok said in a press statement that it was irresponsible for MCA leaders to “dance to the music of Umno leaders and some extremists” by continuing to twist the meaning of her “One-derful Malaysia CNY” video clip.

According to a Bernama report, Wee has told Kok to be true to Chinese culture by showing sensitivity and maturity in airing messages to the public.


“We do not want people to regard that the Chinese culture curses and ridicules others during the CNY festival,” Wee was quoted as saying.

Bernama also said Wee told her to apologise.

Kok challenged Wee to show which part of the video had “cursed others”.

“I have said that my video did not touch on race, religion, the royalty, Lahad Datu incident or our security forces.

“I will only apologise if anyone can show that my video is anti-Malay or anti-Islam as alleged by some irresponsible people,” she said, adding that the video’s contents reflected public sentiment.

Referring to the Council of Islamic NGOs’ reward offer to anyone willing to slap her, Kok said it was criminal intimidation and accused MCA leaders of treating it lightly.

“Instead of condemning the threat made against me, MCA Wanita chief Heng Seai Kie merely said she objected to the threat and even asked why a chicken should be sacrificed when I was the only person who had committed wrong,” she said.

“Wee on the other hand was rambling as to how my video has spoilt the CNY mood when he ought to have condemned outright the threat madness.”