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Aamir Khan to resolve matters between Salman Khan, photographers?


collageNew Delhi, July 22 – Actor Aamir Khan who was recently spotted playing football at a charity football event organised by his daughter Ira, spoke to the photographers present there and told them he’ll have a word with Salman Khan to resolve matters between both parties, reports a leading daily.

The report further claims that both Salman Khan and his Kick co-star Jacqueline Fernandez were both present at the event that was held just recently, and interestingly, and as is apparent, no images of the two surfaced.

Salman reportedly even hugged Abhishek Bachchan, also present at the event, and that may have been somewhat of a loss for the photographers who chose not to click this either.

Aamir, on his part, reportedly spoke with the photographers to get to the root of the matter, and apparently promised them he’ll have a word with Salman. According to PTI, Salman has dared the paparazzi to continue with their ban on covering him and to make him apologise on the issue.

“The good part is that the stand they (photographers) have taken, whether it is good or bad, loss or profit..It’s a stand and it should continue. I want them to continue with their stand so much so that it brings me down to my knees and makes me apologise to them saying ‘don’t destroy my career’,” Salman told reporters at a promotional event for his film Kick.

Matters became bitter after a scuffle reportedly took place between the photographers and Salman’s security guards at a promotional event after the actor turned down their demand to pose at a particular spot.