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Vishwaroopam screening on Thursday


PETALING JAYA: Tamil film fans can finally watch Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam this week.

Lotus Five Star Group’s programming manager, P Gopal confirmed this to FMT today.

“A special screening will be held on Wednesday. The movie would be shown nationwide from Thursday (Feb 28) onwards,” he said.


Details on the special screening have not been confirmed yet but he said that the special screening was open to the public.

Gopal was however evasive when asked on the number of cuts in the movie.

“That has been reported in the media. Why ask about that now?” he said.

Vishwaroopam 11Vishwaroopam, a Kamal Haasan spy-thriller, was first screened on Jan 25. However, it was suspended the following day due to opposition from Indian Muslim groups that claimed the movie was insensitive to the feelings of the Muslims.

The Home Ministry suspended the movie after receiving protest memorandums from Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) and Federation of Indian Muslim Organisations (Permim).

The suspension did no go down well with the Indian community. Even members of civil societies such as National Laureate A Samad Said questioned the rationale in suspending the movie.

Exiled Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen described Malaysia as a coward nation in her micro-blogging site.

Following negotiations, Lotus Five Star and the protesting Indian Muslim groups agreed to 16 cuts in the movie.