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Video praises Malaysia’s handling of Covid-19, but facebook rubbishes it

On May 18, content creator Dustin Pfundheller published a video on his Facebook page Other Side of the Truth, praising Malaysia's swift and effective methods in beating back COVID-19. 

Photographer ordered to enter defence on charges of insulting Hinduism

The Sessions Court here yesterday (Monday June 29) ordered a photographer of a production company to defend himself against charges of insulting Hinduism on his Facebook account.

Malaysian Newspapers want Google & Facebook to share revenue

Malaysian newspaper publishers are coming together to initiate a move to force international technology companies Google and Facebook to share advertising revenue they have accumulated largely at the expense of the traditional media.

Facebook account of postings of failed culinary attempts during MCO gets...

Almost immediately after it was started, the Facebook account ‘Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni Official’  became the talk of the netizen world as people posted their failed culinary attempts during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Man arrested over Facebook threat against DAP adviser Kit Siang

The police have arrested a man over a death threat made against DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang via Facebook.

Claims of easy Citizenship : NRD lodges report against facebook, twitter...

The National Registration Department lodged a police report against several Facebook and Twitter account-holders who claim that the department easily gave citizenship to foreigners.

Sharing through stories to exceed news feed by 2019 – Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR -- Facebook Stories sharing will exceed News Feed sharing by 2019 as estimated by Facebook, showing a material shift in audience dynamics...

Facebook CEO denies selling user data to 3rd party developers

SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Wednesday denied that his company has sold user data to third-party developers after a British lawmaker disclosed internal...

Parents denied access to dead daughter’s Facebook account on appeal

Berlin - A Berlin court on Wednesday upheld an appeal by social networking site Facebook against the parents of a dead teenaged girl who...

EU fines Facebook 110 million euros over WhatsApp acquisition

Brussels - The European Commission on Thursday slapped a 110-million-euro (122-million-dollar) fine on Facebook for providing deceptive information during a 2014 EU investigation into...