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“Don’t politicize Indira Gandhi’s plight and don’t turn it into MIC bashing” – Mohana Muniandy


Mohana MuniandyKuala Lumpur – MIC Women Leader Mohana Muniandy (pic) has voiced her concerns over attempts by some quarters politicizing the plight Indira Gandhi for their own political mileage and using it to bash MIC.

“Madam Indira Gandhi’s plight as a mother of her children should not be used for political posturing and MIC bashing. As a women, I appeal to all fair minded people whether supporters of MIC or opponents to refrain from using Indira Gandhi’s plight to gain political mileage” Mohana said in a press statement released today.

Indira Gandhi new“MIC as a party has not and will not abandon Madam Indira Gandhi and we are working with the best legal minds in the country to look at the fastest way towards resolution to this mother’s plight. As a party we are socially, emotionally and politically bound to find justice at the end. However we will not be dragged into irrelevant debate with people who have no sense of commitment towards resolution of this highly emotive case” Mohana said.

“As a compassionate human I feel sad that public forums are being used to discredit MIC’s leadership and efforts taken. I urge all of you to put yourself in Indira’s shoes as this mother needs our support as a whole and it is time for all of us to unite in this issue. We should not be discrediting one another as this will only further weaken the community and reduce possibility of issues being resolved” Mohana further said in her press statement.