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Devamany slams opposition for criticising achievements of BN & MIC


DevamanyKuala Lumpur – “What is ridiculous? The man who strives to emancipate the Indian community of its long suffering OR is it YOU, who conveniently chooses to embrace and applaud the tyrant behind it all? How do you afford to constantly stoop so low? This commotion that is being created over BN’s every successful initiative for the Indian community” MIC Deputy President Datuk Seri S.K.Devamany asked in a sharp rebuke to certain opposition leaders criticising the achievements of Barisan Nasional and MIC.

“I am stumped not even by your claims, but by your delusion that people out there are oblivious to the political drama you pick out to stage. And, whatever is wrong with taking credit for the many things that the PM has done? If you haven’t heard, I am obliged to enlighten you on the real situation. Over recent years, Prime Minister Najib Razak with the request of MIC has allocated more than RM900 million to Tamil Schools to build and establish proper conditions for kids to study. Similarly, pre-schools are being introduced in Tamil schools to bridge learning gaps and prepare children for school much earlier especially in areas where even the thought of sending one’s child to a private kindergarten is considered luxury” Devamany said in his press statement released today.

mic-71-general-assembly-24092017 (3)Devamany at the opening ceremony of the 71st General Assembly of MIC held on Sunday, 24 September 2017…

“On the other hand, the recent Mydaftar program has initiated the resolution needed for the documentation issues, getting to the bottom of a heap of the fundamental further ironing them out with relevant ministries. We have also seen an increase in Indian intakes into universities and more skilled based training are being provided to strengthen the nation’s workforce involving Indian youths. Of all these, the most ambitious is the implementation of the Malaysian Indian Blueprint to once and for all resolve all aspects of issues Indian community through policy changes within the government. This has brought about the setting up a specific Indian unit, the Unit for Socio-economic Development of the Indian Community (SEDIC) to oversee and implement the blueprint initiatives which will ultimately shape the political climate that will transpire into collaborative measures within the government offices to reach every target listed out in the blueprint within the next 10 years” said Devamany, who is also a Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s department.

mic-71-general-assembly-24092017 (1)“And mind you, Selangor and Penang are opposition-ruled states, but that has not deterred the PM from having his efforts make headway in these two states. The cause is genuine; to uplift the Indian community as a whole and not just limiting those efforts to BN-bound areas. If you claim to be more concerned about the Indian community, why are you incapable of listing down what has been done for the community? Inept and constantly seeking cheap publicity by jumping on BN’s various efforts. This only amplifies the fact that the opposition is at the mercy of BN’s various initiatives, to take advantage of that information and criticize the Government’s implementation before even it begins. Once it’s a success, they claim its because of their whining and ranting. It doesn’t matter the credit they want to claim for themselves, people know who has put in the hard work of realising these initiatives” Devamany noted in his press statement.

“After a decade now, Pakatan’s winning promises still lurk in backwaters and their arguments today have no substance. It is merely done to crop up political chasms. Problems run unabated in their own states, Selangor and Penang and yet they find pleasure in convening to condemn the government for doing what they (opposition) have failed to do. Perhaps, the opposition is on its way to launch a ‘How to Complain’ resource kit before the elections, possibly their highest achievement over the last 10 years for the Indian community. The culture of “Politics of Lies” is the new ‘Machiavellian’ style of the desperate broken opposition front” Devamany said.

Taking particularly Penang Deputy Chief Minister Prof Dr P.Ramasamy to task, Devamany said: “as appalled as I am with P Ramasamy’s article, I am equally glad to see him gathering points from the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB), on which he agrees that the Indians face issues of unemployment, education, entrepreneurship as well as social inclusions. The very context of the blueprint is to address all issues transparently in order to fuel long term solutions within the government ecosystem”

Vying for power through the GE 14 that draws near, P Ramasamy has very little time to plan out, launch and execute any possible initiative for the Indian community, Devamany noted.

“So naturally, the game plan would be to tamper with the sentiments of the people and extend promises that make the grass look greener on the other side. But, voters today are well-equipped and knowledgeable. With Mahathir leading the pack, it’s back to no change at all. And how do you sign off the PM as not settling the unilateral conversion issue when the matter is still in discussion and needs a comprehensive solution. P Ramasamy is either being, too quick, too naïve to assume, or shall I say sleazy enough to dupe the audience to his advantage. I wonder if being idle for a very long time has left P Ramasamy with any thought skills at all” Devamany concluded in his statement.