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Kelantan not free of immoral activities – Mustapa


Mustapa MohamedKOTA BAHARU, April 1- The revelation by a local newspaper today of immoral activities like gambling and prostitution happening in Kelantan shows that the state is not perfect and not free of social ills. State Umno liaison chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed(pic) who said this, noted that although dubbed Serambi Mekah (Verandah of Mecca), it did not mean that
Kelantan was not facing moral issues, which should not happen.

“If the newspaper report is true, it is a sad situation as the state government has failed to make Kelantan truly a ‘Serambi Mekah’ and people in the state should open their minds to this situation,” he told reporters at the state Umno headquarters, here, today.

He was responding to the New Sunday Times special report today headlined,  “Kelantan After Dark” which exposed that immoral activities like gambling, drug abuse and trafficking, and prostitution are still alive in Kelantan, including among the young.

Mustapa, who is also International Trade and Industry Minister, said the local authorities should be tackling the problems to redeem Kelantan’s image,  especially as the state was being helmed by an Islamist party. He said more disheartening was that the newspaper revealed some of the immoral activities like prostitution occurred due to financial problems.

“Clearly this involves economic issues, so the Kelantan PAS government should ensure that the state’s young people’s welfare and their future are taken care of, especially by creating employment opportunities,” he added.