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Exposed: ‘Mustafa Ali’ sex video


mustafa-ali-video-sexPETALING JAYA: A Pro-Umno blogger has released the full video depicting a man resembling PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali having sex with an unknown woman.

It was also alleged that the video stemmed from a plot hatched by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim against the PAS leader.

Hapraknews.blogspot.com uploaded the 11.26 minute video late last night, and claimed that the man in the video was Mustafa.

The complete video came out hours after screenshots of the video went viral on several Umno blogs.

The video, appeared to be recorded in a hotel room, showed a man resembling Mustafa first having a brief conversation with the woman before engaging in sexual acts.

The blogger also claimed that a Terengganu police official had seized several VCDs of the video from PKR members who were distributing it in Kuala Terengganu.

Another pro-Umno blogger, Papagomo, claimed that Mustafa was targeted by Anwar because the veteran PAS leader was one of the strongest advocates of the PAS-Umno unity government.

The blogger also claimed Mustafa was persuading former PAS deputy president Nasaruddin Mat Isa and expelled member Hasan Ali, both of whom were Umno-friendly, to be the middlemen of the unity talks.

“Anwar should be smiling now because PAS can no longer say Anwar is not fit to be the prime minister because PAS also have morally-inept leaders among its ranks,” the blogger alleged.