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“Hadi of PAS has selective memory” – Ramasamy



Hadi of PAS has selective memory

It is amusing to note the statement by the President of PAS, Abdul Hadi Awang that even if the DAP appoints a Muslim chef, the party would never enter into its kitchen.


Yet, Hadi conveniently forgets, perhaps due to his lapses in his memory, between April 2008 and until June 2015, when PR existed, PAS had no problems in entering the kitchen of the DAP.
At that time, it made no difference whether the chef was a Muslim or not.

The chief architect of the animosity between DAP and PAS is none other than Hadi. If the spiritual leader of PAS, Nik Abdul Aziz, the Tok Guru, was around, the animosity between the two parties would not have taken place.

In the past, Hadi had accused the DAP of being sympathetic to the now defunct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM). More than this, he had accused the DAP of supporting the idea of bringing back the ashes of deceased CPM leader, Chin Peng from Thailand.

Hadi in his latest venomous diatribe against the DAP was responding to the recent statement by DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang that Umno cannot strengthen its Malay support by returning to the principles of the Federal Constitution.

Hadi took umbrage to this statement by saying that the DAP is a cunning party that seeks to hide behind the Constitution to promote its secularist principles. This is despite the fact that Islam is the official religion of the federation.

A time has come for Malaysians not to take the views of Hadi seriously anymore. These statements especially against the DAP don’t make sense but what is more reflective of his extreme racial and religious views.

While Hadi is ever ready to pounce on the public statements and views of the DAP, but his silence on corruption and money laundering in PN coalition is deafening to say the least.