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Side-income opportunity for small Businesses


KUALA LUMPUR, March 13- The telecommunications industry in Malaysia provides ample opportunities for enterprising small business people to make additional monthly side-income, says a local telecommunications entrepreneur.

The Technical Director of Hussein Resources Sdn Bhd, Adnan S. Hussein, said the easiest and safest method for these businesses to get involved in the multi-billion-ringgit industry is to become bill collecting and information disseminating agents for major telecommuication companies.

Small-BusinessWith a small investment, they could be appointed agents and they could then get a steady income from collecting bills for the companies, he said.


“Usually companies pay about two per cent of the total bill as commission,” said Adnan whose company specialises in appointing such agents who operate within designated neighbourhood centres.

“This means that if the agent could collect about RM10,000 in bill payments in a month, his commission would be around RM200 per month.

“This will be a good side-income for small businessmen as it could be used to pay for shop rental or utilities’ expenses,” he told Bernama.

Adnan said there were ample opportunities for such agents as there were about 35 million phone users in Malaysia and his company would assist not only small businesses but also non-government organisations, cooperatives, trade unions, shelter homes and other charitable organisations to get involved in the industry and obtain this additional income.

Those interested can get in touch with Hussein Resources Sdn Bhd Email: hr6781014@g.mail.com or call 012-2152556 for further details.