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Iran to launch new advanced destroyer


TEHRAN, March 13 – The domestically manufactured ‘Jamaran 2’ destroyer will be launched in the Caspian Sea in the near future, Iranian Defence Minister, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi announced on Tuesday. Iran’s IRNA reported him as saying that the ‘Jamaran 2’ was designed and manufactured by experts at the Marine Industries Organisation of the Iranian
Defense Ministry.

golinejad20110114070435357The first domestically manufactured Jamaran was launched in February 2010. The warship can carry helicopters and is equipped with torpedoes and an electronic radar system. The destroyer, 94 metres long and weighs over 1,500
tonnes, is capable of engaging in surface, air, and undersea warfare.

Iran’s latest destroyer, the Sahand, was launched on Sept 18, 2012. The Iranian Navy has also announced that Iran plans to build seven destroyers of the Sina class, which are capable of firing missiles.