Home English News “Najib has approved RM 6 million for my faction” – claims Palanivel!

“Najib has approved RM 6 million for my faction” – claims Palanivel!


palanivel540px_540_361_100Sungei Petani – In speaking to his supporters in Sungei Petani yesterday former MIC President Dato Seri G.Palanivel claimed that the Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional Chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has approved a sum of RM6 million for his faction’s political activities.

Palanivel met his supporting MIC branches yesterday in Sungei Petani and Penang. Sources close to him said, he is on a campaign trail to garner support for his faction’s gathering scheduled to be held tomorrow (Saturday) at Batu Caves, Selangor.

The gathering scheduled for tomorrow is aimed at spearheading Palanivel faction’s political activities together with the announcement of several state and national level positions, sources familiar with the gathering said.

“RM6 million fund approval”

najib-While addressing his supporters in Sungei Petani yesterday, Palanivel also confirmed his meeting with Prime Minister Najib in which the PM agreed to give an allocation of RM 6 million for his faction’s political activities.

“We should work harder to garner support and form more MIC branches in favour of Barisan Nasional” Palanivel further said in that meeting.

Palanivel and his faction still claim that they are the rightful and legal office-bearers representing MIC. However, the Registrar of Societies and the Courts have not recognized their claims.

A suit on this matter filed against RoS and MIC’s office bearers, is now pending in Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Palanivel also explained about the suit in his speech in Sungei Petani and expressed confidence in winning it this time around, said one of his supporters who attended the meeting.

“The case is important and will be pursued by us” Palanivel apparently told his supporters.

Palanivel is not a plaintiff in the suit. However, his supporters are hoping to get a favourable ruling, which they claim will reinstate him as the President of MIC again.

MIC-Logo-FeaturePalanivel’s faction is currently operating with a few hundred MIC branches and supporters who have refused to join back MIC under the leadership of Dr Subramaniam, who is also the Health Minister.

However, on several occasions Dr Subramaniam has made open invitations to MIC branches outside to join back the party. MIC sources claimed, in the last few months more than 1,000 branches have heeded the call and returned to the fold.

However, few hundred branches are still said to be refusing to join back MIC and the exact figure, quoted by the warring factions greatly differ.

Palanivel faction’s gathering tomorrow is expected reveal the names of office-bearers for national and state level positions.

The faction’s only political hope now seems to be the outcome of the pending legal suit, after which, they may have to decide their next course of action based on the court decision.