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Report: North Korea carried out missile engine test on Friday


North Korea carried out a ballistic missile engine test on Friday, CNN reported Monday, citing two US defence officials.

It’s possible the technology tested Friday could be used in an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), an official told the US broadcaster.

It was the third test of “similar technology” in recent weeks, CNN said.


South Korea’s Defence Ministry also said last week that North Korea had conducted a failed missile test on Wednesday.

Pyongyang appeared to have unsuccessfully tried to launch one missile, the ministry said. The US military said the missile appeared to have exploded seconds after launch.

Several days before that launch attempt, North Korean state media said it had tested a high-thrust engine.

North Korea is believed to be trying to develop a nuclear missile that could reach the United States.

Earlier in March, North Korea test-fired four ballistic missiles that landed in the Sea of Japan, in an exercise it said was targeting US military bases in Japan.

Pyongyang has accelerated its nuclear programme in recent years, conducting two nuclear tests and launching more than 20 ballistic missiles last year alone.