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“Allow constructive criticisms” – MIC Youth tells JPA


arvind krishnan-JPA DG

Kuala Lumpur – MIC National Youth Secretary Arvind Krishnan today called on JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam-Public Services Department) to allow students on JPA bursaries to express constructive criticisms about the government.

“In my personal capacity, I oppose the statement released by JPA director-general Datuk Seri Zainal Rahim Seman yesterday in the media. It was reported that it was justifiable to withdraw the bursaries offered to such students if they were found to have made remarks which would dent the country’s image on social media sites such as Facebook and blogs” Arvind said in a statement released today.


“We are a democratic country and students should be allowed to make constructive criticisms. It is never a country’s downfall if constructive criticism is conveyed in a correct manner. However, if the student on JPA Bursary continuously attack the government, then they should be reprimanded and if they continue again, only then their bursaries should be withdrawn as described by the JPA director” Arvind further urged in his statement.

“But before resorting to a harsher penalty, let’s educate and groom the young talents. It is our duty to assist the young talents. We should guide them towards the right path. Good criticism from them should be taken as a positive leaf that could be resourceful for future of our nation building” Arvind noted in his statement.