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“We are ready to take you on” – MIC tells Hindraf


punithan-mic-youth info chief

Kuala Lumpur – In an immediate response to Hindraf’s announcement that the movement will turn into a political party, MIC has criticised the move. “This is also a set back for the Indian opposition leaders as it shows that Hindraf has lost trust in PKR and DAP to champion and be the opposition voice for the Indian community”, Punithan Paramsiven (pic), the national information chief for MIC Youth movement said in a statement.

“Hindraf has lost its touch and momentum with the people when the leaders broke off infamously. Some even turned back and another formed Makkal Sakthi party, which is now supporting Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s leadership. Although Hindraf is trying to fight for the Indian community’s cause through the opposition platform they will eventually fail in their endeavour” Punithan further said in his statement.


hindraf-logo-“This is simply because the Indian community has lost trust in Hindraf. The glory they achieved in 2007 will not be repeated again. Instead, over the years, MIC has strongly been advocating and championing the Indian causes. MIC has successfully overshadowed their propaganda, and addressed most of the woes faced by the Indian community. With the latest ‘Mega MyDaftar 2.0′, MIC will thrust forward to solve the Indian stateless issue often brought up by Hindraf and opposition” Punithan’s statement further noted.

“In addition, our Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak has launched the Malaysian Indian Blueprint that will address the issues faced by the Indian community holistically. It is not an election gimmick as claimed by some opposition politicians. It vividly shows the government is serious in solving the issues faced by the Indian community in a structured and professional way” Punithan pointed out in his statement.

“Even the Opposition does not have such a clear guideline or blue print to solve Indian issues, but are only good at criticising whatever good deeds done by MIC and the government. Through MIC President Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam’s leadership, we will certainly help and solve the problems faced by the Indian community. In principle, Hindraf should stay on as a human rights platform movement rather than converting themselves as a political party. It is also finally proven that Hindraf has only political ambitions in mind although they are claiming to fight for the rakyat. In any situation, we are ready to take on Hindraf in the political battle in the upcoming General Election”, the national information chief of MIC Youth declared.