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Are those pillows and blankets on the airplane clean?



Passengers on long-distance flights enjoy taking an extended nap. But it can get quite chilly inside the airplane. That’s why there are extra pillows and blankets available for the passengers.

But is it better to avoid them? Are they really getting washed after every flight?


“Of course all of the used blankets and pillows are collected after every flight and are cleaned,” Sandra Kraft from Lufthansa said.

Passengers can always tell that by the fact that the fresh blankets are sealed in plastic bags and placed on their seats.

The blankets are also collected after every flight on Condor as well and cleaned at a large laundry centre. And an airline spokesman said the pillowcases are disposable and not reused after the flight.

And when are the blankets and pillows gotten rid of for good?

At Condor, the pillows in Economy Class are given new coverings about 65 times before they become worn out or dirty and are sorted out.

The airline uses the blankets 24 times on average. After that they are recycled and used as insulation material.