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‘Voters too smart to fall for handouts, concerts’


TAIPING: Malaysians have become too sophisticated to fall for Barisan Nasional’s strategy of wooing Malay voters with cash handouts and their Chinese counterparts with popular entertainment, according to the deputy chief of Perak PAS, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin(Pic).

Speaking to FMT in an indignant tone, he said he found it contemptible that BN and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had chosen to treat voters as if they were too naïve to see that this was a vote-buying strategy that held no long term benefits to either the nation or to themselves as individuals.

1He said he was particularly angry over the BR1M handouts, for which most of the eligible recipients are Malays.


“Is Najib trying to tell poor Malaysians that this is the solution to their financial difficulties?”

Instead of humiliating the Malays by insulting their intelligence and giving them a little money, he said, Najib should explain how BN now intended to lift them out of such neediness after failing to do so in more than half a century.

He predicted that the tactic would backfire at the ballot box.

Commenting on BN’s sponsorship of international entertainers for Chinese audiences, he said this was equally futile if the intention was to change their voting preferences.

“Most Chinese voters have already made up their minds to vote for Pakatan and Najib’s political moves will only be a vain exercise,” he said.