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Bawani: Don’t turn incident into racial issue, instead fight for free education


Bawani -2KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 – Law student KS Bawani, who became an overnight sensation when she stumped a NGO leader with her questions on free education, today called on the public to refrain from racial attacks and instead focus on the fight for free education.

Bawani, who was told by Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M) president Sharifah Zohra Jabeen to go to Cuba or Argentina if she was looking for free education, urged the public to refrain from turning the incident into a racial issue.

She also urged the public to fight against attempts to brainwash university students into harbouring contempt against opposition and anti-establishment figures.

“The main issue here is on our education system and how university students are being brainwashed by NGOs invited to give talks to students,” she told a press conference here.

“Please do not divert it into a racial issue,” she urged.

Humbled by the support

Bawani also said that she was not seeking an apology from Sharifah.

“I am asking for freedom of speech, not only for scholars but for everybody in Malaysia regardless of race, age and religion. This is our right as stated in the Federal Constitution,” she said.

“University authorities have to be neutral and have free autonomy. Students must be given the opportunity to choose what they think is wrong or right.

“They (university authorities) cannot have double standard and be biased.”

When asked to comment on her instant fame after a YouTube video of the incident went viral, Bawani said it was unexpected and was humbled by overwhelming support.

“I was alone on that day, but today I have thousands behind me to uphold justice.”