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Dr M advises people to elect next gov’t wisely


MahatJPGSANDAKAN, March 28 – Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad(pic) today advised the people to exercise prudence and not be constrained by emotions in electing the next government.  He said the people should not get too influenced by parochialism, race, ideology and certain quarters in making their decision at the ballot box.

Ascertain that the elected leaders had integrity and experience and were able to maintain national security and economic and social development, he said in a telephone interview carried over Radio Malaysia Sandakan fm.

“The people must exercise maturity in the matter. We cannot simply give in to emotions. Many will try to raise hatred in the people against certain individuals or things and we could then elect the wrong leaders,” he said.

He advised the people to evaluate the capability of electoral candidates in terms of providing good governance and ensuring that Vision 2020 to make the country a developed nation was achieved.