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“Where is justice for Indira Gandhi?” – asks former MIC Women Leader Mohana!


Kuala Lumpur – Former MIC Women leader Datuk Mohana Muniandy has once again raised the plight of Indira Gandhi who is still in search of her daughter converted to Islam by her husband.

“Poor mother is suffering. Where is the justice?” asked Mohana in a press statement released today.

“Three days ago, Indira Gandhi wrote an open letter to Harapan government demanding updates from the Pakatan Harapan government and inspector-general of police Fuzi Harun on efforts to locate her daughter Prasana Diksa, who had been taken away by her ex-husband nine years ago. I noticed none of Pakatan Harapan leaders issued a statement or called for press conferences. Few months back, before Pakatan Harapan won the general election, DAP supremo YB Lim Kit Siang asked Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun to step down as the country’s number one cop if he fails to reunite Indira Ghandi with her youngest daughter Prasana Diksa. “I think the IGP may even have to resign if he cannot even ensure the reunification of Indira and her daughter,” said Lim in a press conference in Ipoh back in February” Mohana pointed out in her press statement.


Mohana also said “Lim (Kit Siang) also said “I’m sure it’s not too difficult in Malaysia to be able to reunite Indira and her daughter. I call on the deputy prime minister to take a personal attention on this matter.” YB Kulasegaran was with him during the press conference”

“It’s been roughly 6 months since Pakatan Harapan won the General Election and yet Indira Gandhi’s fight to be reunited with her daughter is still a dream. Once again, she had to remind all on her never ending battle through an open letter to the government. Why?” asked Mohana.

“What happened to the voices representing Indians from Pakatan Harapan? You toppled MIC because you claimed we were inefficient but what Pakatan Harapan Indian Leaders doing now when it comes to Indira Gandhi’s issue? We don’t need to look far; we don’t need to check Manifesto. Indira Gandhi’s issue is a check mark, and PH failed” slammed Mohana.

“I have voiced out on her matter when we were the ruling government and I’m voicing out now when Pakatan Harapan is the ruling government. I call upon Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister to personally make a point to resolve this issue. I reiterate the suggestion by Lim Kit Siang back in February; IGP should resign if he cannot fulfill the court order. What is so difficult to locate the Indira’s ex-husband and daughter? No man is an island in the modern world and more so Malaysia. Doesn’t her ex-husband have EPF, SOCSO or Bank Account to trace his address or place of employment? Have some compassion and provide the right answers. I hope and still pray justice will prevail. May your little daughter be reunited with you soon, Indira…” – Mohana concluded in her statement.