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Various races involved in community-level unity programmes


ALOR SETAR: The community-level unity programmes involving Rukun Tetangga Areas (KRT) in Kedah is now being joined by various ethnic groups that could forge greater understanding, harmony and mutual respect in the multi-ethnic population.

Kedah Unity director Rohai Zahar Nedi said the committee of the KRT was now comprised members of various races.

“This is something positive…it does not involve only one race. The multiracial community has been exposed to the department’s activities,” he told Bernama here.

Meanwhile, to date, he said there were 482 KRT in Kedah compared to 470 last year with Kuala Muda KRT being the most active followed by Kota Setar and Kulim.

“We believe that the number of KRT will increase over time and I think by the end of this year the total number of KRT in Kedah will reach 485,” he said.