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Najib: Selangor youths need to be in BN frontline to regain state govt


najib selangorSHAH ALAM, April 8- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants the youths in Selangor to be in the Barisan Nasional (BN) frontline to wrest the state from the PKR-DAP-PAS opposition pact government.  The Prime Minister believed that in the general election this time, the Selangor youths would choose the BN because the state government led by the PKR-DAP-PAS coalition had failed to discharge their responsibility to administer the state.

“It’s time for the people of Selangor to undertake transformation by changing the state government to the blue wave,” he said in his speech at the ‘Patriotic Gathering of Selangor Youths With the Prime Minister’, here today. Najib who also cheered ‘tukar’ (change) several times, received a loud response as a show of support from the approximately 5,000 youths who were present at the event organised jointly by the Selangor BN Youth and Kelab Putera 1Malaysia.

Najib also called on the young generation in Selangor to rise up together with the BN to change the state government as it failed to fulfill its promises, failed to administer Selangor properly and failed to resolve the problems of the people.  Najib said the 13th general election (GE13) was an important poll because it garnered the voice of the young generation who would determine the BN’s success.


“The event is most important in pooling the sentiments of the young generation in Selangor who are full of enthusiasm, vocal and courageous in wresting Selangor,” he said.

In the general election this time around, 5,564,131 or almost 42 per cent of the 13,291,385 voters who are eligible to vote represent young voters below the age of 40.  Najib said: “If BN is allowed to come back and administer Selangor, a major change will be carried out with the assurance of a better state government especially in resolving the water problem that had burdened the people especially those living in flats.”

Najib claimed that the Selangor PKR-DAP-PAS government had failed to administer the state properly which resulted in various problems cropping up such as garbage not being collected, sand being sold, uncontrolled flash floods and a rise in the number massage parlours.

“Enough of the deceit and lies by the state government, and the BN has sent a clear message for the present state government to be changed,” he said. He also promised that if the BN were to be given a chance to administer the state, the blue wave would undertake a change in the future which was too valuable to be gambled away.

At the function, Najib also gave out 22,000 blue-coloured helmets with the logo ‘1M4U’ to youths representing 22 BN divisions in Selangor to achieve the mission “MESTI MENANG’ BN seizes Selangor.