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Why Cycling Is A Complete Exercise?


11 April 2013-Usually, we have to do several kinds of exercises to get a complete workout. There is a different kind of exercise for each and every muscle. All these different exercises combine to give your entire body a complete workout. But what if you could have one exercise or activity that works on all parts of your body? Would it not save time and be easy? Well you wished for it and you got it.

Cycling is an exercise that almost completes your workout. You can try cycling as an exercise to lose weight faster, increase your lung power and also work on your leg muscles. Here are some of the reasons why cycling as an exercise is complete and good for your entire body.

cyclistReasons Why Cycling Is A Complete Exercise


Cycling For Weight Loss

The main aim of any exercise is to lose weight. Cycling is an excellent aerobic exercise that makes you lose calories and burn fat. So as you cycle, you get fitter.

Increases Stamina

Cycling requires a lot of strength and stamina. As you slowly increase the time and difficulty of your cycle rides, your stamina increases.

Improves Lung Power

When you go cycling, you get a lot of fresh air. Moreover, riding a bicycle puts pressure on your lungs to pump more air. So, basically cycling improves your lungs capacity to pump oxygen.

Cycling For Knees

Cycling is the best exercise for your knees. If you are a regular bike rider, you will be free of joint pain and have very flexible knees.

Cycling For Abs

When you ride a cycle, you somewhat bend down to speed up, or straighten your back to maintain balance. This is also a work out for your abs. You will lose weight from your waist if ride your bike regularly. It also tones your abs.

Cycling For Calf Muscles

Cycling is the best exercise for your legs; even better than the squats in the gym. Cycling requires a lot of movement from your calf muscles. It tones your legs and keeps them slim.

Cycling It Heart Healthy

When you cycle, you are pumping fresh oxygenated blood into your heart. This cardio exercise is very good for your heart and also cleanses your system.

Cycling Is A Stress-buster

Staying cooped up in a gym and exercising can get a little depressing at times. But when you are out in the open, riding a bicycle, you feel a sense of freedom. That is why cycling is a great stress-buster.

Cycling Is Cost Effective

Apart from being a great exercise, cycling is a mode of transport. So if you ride a cycle to your work place and back home, you can save up on transport and gym expenses.