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Age no barrier for Indian High Commission’s superannuated official’s marathon feats




Mr. N. Sivan, who just superannuated after serving as Second Secretary and the Head of the Chancery at the High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur, has proven that age is certainly not a barrier for incredible physical fitness. Mr. Sivan finished 25 half marathons during March 2023-June 2024. He  superannuated on 30 June 2024 at the age of 60.

Mr. Sivan, originally from Kanyakumari in southern Tamil Nadu, served for over 37 years in the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. He served both in Delhi and in Indian diplomatic Missions abroad including Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, China and most recently in Malaysia. Mr. Sivan took to long distance running only recently but quickly transitioned to a marathon runner with his personal best of 1 hour 54 minutes.


Mr. Sivan has shared his fabulous experience that has been a great inspiration for all his colleagues at the High Commission and to everyone else around him, inspiring them to take up running, irrespective of age and profession.

Mr. N. Sivan explained how he trained his feet ignoring its physical number of age “Throughout nearly around two decades, I maintained a habit of routine running from 5 to 7 kilometers daily to keep myself fit and add years. I had never considered long-distance running until I was inspired by my colleague, Mr. Rajesh, who noticed my dedication in running. His encouragement prompted me to take on the challenge of a half marathon seriously at the age of 59. Over the course of three months, I gradually increased my training distances reaching 16 kilometers. This dedication paid off when I completed my first half marathon on March 5, 2023.

From there, my passion for long-distance running increased. By June 23, 2024, at the age of 60, I achieved a remarkable milestone: completing my 25th  half marathon (24 in Malaysia and 1 in USA). I also ran in 5KM Thiruvalluvar Run organized by Tamil School, Bangsar This journey has taught me that with determination, consistency, and support from others.Age is no barrier to achieve incredible feats. I continue to be inspired by the progress I’ve made and look forward to further challengers in my running journey’’.

List of Half Marathon run by Mr. N Sivan within the short span of 15 months, at the age of 59-60 years.

Sl. No Date Name of Half Marathon
1 05-03-2023 KL City Marathon
2 07-05-2023 Cyber City Half Marathon
3 25-06-2023 Ipoh Half Marathon
4 20-08-2023 Melaka International Marathon
5 16-09-2023 Penang 2nd Bridge Cultural Night Run – Half Marathon
6 24-09-2023 PJ Half Marathon
7 01-10-2023 Napa Half Marathon – California, USA
8 15-10-2023 MPKJ Half Marathon
9 26-10-2023 Putrajaya Night Marathon
10 04-11-2023 Kedah International Half Marathon
11 03-12-2023 Putrajaya Half Marathon
12 10-12-2023 Putrajaya Popcorn Half Marathon
13 17-12-2023 Bukit Jalil City Half Marathon
14 01-01-2024 KL New Year Run
15 07-01-2024 Malacca Heritage City Half Marathon
16 28-01-2024 Cybercity Half Marathon
17 03-02-2024 AS International Half Marathon
18 25-02-2024 Aston Martin Half Marathon
19 03-03-2024 Miri Marathon
20 10-03-2024 KL City Day Half Marathon
21 28-04-2024 Twincity Marathon
22 05-05-2024 Borneo Marathon
23 19-05-2024 Generali Malaysia – Half Marathon
24 09-06-2024 Kota Kinabalu City Half Marathon
25 23-06-2024 2xu Compression Run – Half Marathon

Mr. Sivan keeps inspiring people around him to keep running, not just to add years to life, but to add Life to Years. Members of  High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur will remember Mr. N. Sivan in ‘long run’ and wish him many more runs!