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Govt will ensure all communities continue to be partners in nation building- Najib


najibKUALA LUMPUR, April 14- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today said the Barisan Nasional (BN) government would not waiver from its purpose to ensure that all communities could stand on their own feet and be
counted as equal partners in nation building.

In his message to the Indian community in conjunction with their New Year (Putthandu, celebrated by the Tamils, Vishu by Malayalees, Ugadhi by Telugus and Vaisakhi by Sikhs) celebration, which falls today, the prime minister said the government would double its efforts and continue to be a real partner of the Indian community.

He said the government had constantly engaged directly with the Indian community and implemented various special programmes to transform the community.

“The government is also committed to delivering all our promises to the Indian community, as we have been doing over the last four years.

“The results are already being seen and there is more that needs to be done in what we call a work-in-progress,” he said in his blog, www.1malaysia.com.my.

Najib called on the Indian community to continue the partnership between the government and the community based on trust, or “nambikei” in order to build a future full of hope for every family, community and the country.

“I cannot build this future alone and I need each and every one of you to walk with me in this journey to bring transformation and hope to all Malaysians,” he said.

While they celebrate the new beginning, the prime minister urged the Indian community to take a moment to honour and remember the country’s heroes who have fallen in Sabah, defending Malaysia.

“Any new beginning is also a time for us to look back and reflect on our own lives and be grateful for all the blessings we have received in this land that we all call our home,” he said.

Najib also reiterated his commitment to seeing that no one who needed help would be left behind, adding that the government looked forward to a brighter future “where everybody has a place under the Malaysian sun”.

“We have lived to see, in one generation, how our nation has developed by leaps and bounds. This should give us confidence when facing our shared future.

I believe that Malaysia’s best times are ahead of us,” he said. He also urged all Malaysians to dedicate themselves to working for a better nation and to work harder to improve their lives and the lives of the
generations to come.

“Together, we will deliver results that directly improve the quality of life of all Malaysians, regardless of race. It is not important where we came from, but where we are going, together.

“In the spirit of 1Malaysia, I take this opportunity to call upon fellow Malaysians to join me in wishing our Indian friends a very Happy New Year and a very Happy Vaisakhi to our Sikh friends,” Najib said.