Home English News “Something really rotten in the state of Denmark” – Ramasamy

“Something really rotten in the state of Denmark” – Ramasamy



IGP Abdul Hamid Bador cannot go public about the existence of a cartel among young police officers intending to remove him but at the same time side step the issue of a royal police commission (RCI) on the matter.

It is obvious although Hamid was dead serious about the matter of a cartel amidst the police force, but however when there were demands of a RCI, he seems to back out.

Why then go public on the matter but when there is public support for RCI to clean up the mess in the police force, he seems to be chickening out by saying that he has identified the culprits behind the move.


Hamid cannot have it both ways; he wants public support on his exposure but wiggles out when the pressure mounts for a RCI.

There is something rotten in the police force for a long time, not just because of the revelation of Hamid.

Since such a revelation comes from the country’s top cop, it must be taken seriously in the larger public interest.

Corruption, links with the underworld and indiscipline leading to custodial deaths have marred the performance of the police force in respect of professionalism and public accountability.

These are among the reasons as to why there have been consistent demands for the setting of an Independent Police Complaints of Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).
An independent body, responsible only to parliament, to investigate wrongdoings amongst the police.

The problem is not with the entire police force but amongst a few, but impacting negatively on the image and reputation of the force on the whole.

The revelation of Hamid might be the tip of the iceberg.

It is about time that a serious investigation is launched to ascertain as to what really ails the police force.

Men and women in uniforms who have taken the solemn oath to safeguard the country and its people from the predatory elements.

It is not so much what was revealed by Hamid Bador, the highest ranking police officer in the country.

If this can come from him, then something is “really rotten with the state of Denmark”.

RCI might be important but I would suggest that we revisit the earlier calls for an IPCMC.
Focus must not be just on the cartel as suggested by Hamid Bador but the entire conduct and professionalism of the police force.

In case I forget, it was Hamid who welcomed the formation of the IPCMC after he took office.

Nowadays there is not even an oblique reference to this idea.

Let the public rally around Hamid for not only setting up a RCI but also the long awaited IPCMC.