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“DAP, where are the “magical facts” to confront Akmal?” – asks Ramasamy



DAP, where are the “magical facts” to confront Akmal

Umno youth’s rabble rouser Dr Muhamed Akmal Saleh called DAP vice-chairman and minister Nga Kor Meng (pic) “stupid” for saying that the boycott of KK Mart had negative effects on the economy.


Some DAP leaders advised Nga not to adopt the childish and immature ways of Akmal but respond by way of facts and figures to the wild accusations of the latter.

Anyway, what facts are we talking about. I would like to know whether the DAP leaders inclusive of Nga could marshal facts and figures to proof that the boycott against KK Mart called by Akmal had a negative impact on the economy.

If indeed there were negative effects, Nga should present them in a logical and rational manner. Let us not forget the axiom: facts speak for themselves.

Right now all we know is what was generally and superficially commented by Nga about the deleterious effects of the boycott on the economy and employment. Nga failed to present the “magical facts” to show Akmal was wrong in calling for nation-wide boycott of the KK Mart.

The question is what is holding Nga from presenting the facts and figures about the boycott’s effect on the economy. How did the boycott affect the economy, what was the estimated loss, how many employees lost their jobs and others.

If the DAP wants to stick the facts, surely the public would like to know. Akmal reacted in a crude way in calling Nga “stupid”. I suppose the crude Akmal has limited vocabulary in terms of effectively responding to Akmal. Akmal doesn’t realise that it takes a “stupid” person to call others “stupid”.

As medical doctor who his took his hippocratic oath, Akmal should have known better. It is obvious that is medical training in Russia had no impact in making Akmal a person who is empathetic and considerate to others. I am not sure whether he is a failure as a medical director or not.

The DAP leaders shouldn’t pretend that they are the do gooders. In other words, they deal with situations on the basis of facts and figures. Such an approach might be acceptable, but it also camouflages the weak and feeble nature of the party.

The DAP leaders could not take on Akmal at the height of racial and religious tensions. These leaders have given up the right to make Malaysia a better place in the interest of power, positions and perks (3Ps). The party lacks leaders who are courageous especially when odds are against them.

During the height of the tensions, DAP leaders could hardly muster the courage and conviction to oppose the brand of politics engaged by Akmal. The DAP is not the MCA, it worst than the latter. At least the MCA is talking about political decency and accountability than the DAP.

Back to the question of “magical facts”, so where are the facts about the economy affected by the boycott. The DAP leaders should not hide behind high moral grounds just to avoid a debate with Akmal.

There is no need to call Akmal “stupid” because intelligence and logical reasoning are beyond him. If the DAP leaders have done basic or elementary guts, it only proper to call Akmal for debate on the topic of the effects of the boycott on the economy.

Are the DAP leaders afraid that he might take up the offer?

Or alternatively, other than what was said by Nga, DAP has no real facts and figures about the impact of the boycott on the economy.

DAP leaders should stop pretending that they are responsible and matured politicians.
Unfortunately, the non-Malays are beginning to realise that the DAP is not the party they once knew.

Calling the party MCA 2.0 might be an insult to the MCA that is slowly making sense in Malaysian politics.