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“PN’s nomination of Indian candidate will ensure KKB polls will be Battle of Waterloo for Madani govt” – Ramasamy



PN’s nomination of Indian candidate will ensure KKB polls will be Battle of Waterloo for Madani govt

If only PN can nominate an Indian candidate in the Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) by-election, there is possibility that the majority of the Indian voters will swing towards the opposition coalition.

It is not late to nominate an Indian candidate whether from the ranks of Malaysian Indian Political Party (MIPP) or from other fraternal organisations.


With the majority of the Malays with the PN, a swing of Indian voters will decide the outcome of the KKB by-election scheduled on May 11, 2024. In other words, Indians will be Kingmakers in KKB.

My reasoning is not based on ethnic sentiments or doing justice to the Indian community, but on the basis of simple arithmetic. Given the fact that the majority of the Chinese voters will stick to PH/DAP and Malay voters with PN, the coalition that that can swing the Indian voters gets to win the KKB polls.

The Indian community is angry and upset with the failed promises of the PH-led government. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim despite his dances to popular Tamil songs has insulted the Indian community on numerous occasions.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the non-appointment of Indian Tamil minister. An act that has put the community to shame and ridicule. Anwar undid the long established practice of the community having at least one Indian Tamil cabinet minister.

The other partners involved in the humiliation and disregard for the Indian community are the fake multi-racial parties in the name of the DAP and PKR.

These two parties together have miserably failed to take up some of critical issues of the Indian community such employment in the public sector, entry into matriculation programme and others.

The appointment of Indian leaders to party and government positions makes not difference to the Indian community.

These leaders being cut off from popular Indian support are considered sycophants and appeasers of their respective party bosses. Indians in general are very unhappy with the PH-led government and the ineffective leadership of Anwar.

Some sections of the Indian community are waiting for the KKB polls to teach the Madani government a painful lesson not to take them for granted. PN is in the best subjective position to exploit the objective situation of mistrust of Indian voters towards the PH-led government.

If only PN leadership can appoint an Indian candidate, for sure, the majority of their votes will gravitate towards the opposition coalition. The recent inclusion of the MIPP as a component party in the opposition coalition is timely and highly relevant for the KKB polls.

Based on my visit to the KKB recently and numerous feedback from the public, PN’s fielding of an Indian candidate will turn the tide in the favour of the opposition coalition. Such a victory will propel the PN coalition on the national stage as political force to be reckoned with.

This is why PH/DAP are in the panicky mood. This explains why the DAP vice-chairman and minister Nga Kor Ming defied the election law and morality to announce a development aid of RM5.2 million to the Ulu Selangor parliamentary constituency. If this was not bribery or corruption, than what it was?

Is the toothless Election Commission (EC) going to prosecute him?

Time may be running out for PN, but the decision can be made in the larger and strategic interest of its political strategy.

I hope that in the anticipation of the Battle of Waterloo for the PH-led government might influence the PN to make a strategic decision of fielding an Indian candidate.