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Song written for royal baby


williamand-kateMay, 9th- A composer has written a song for Britain’s Prince William’s new baby.

Paul Mealor wrote ‘Ubi Caritas’ for the prince and his wife Duchess Catherine’s wedding in 2011 and has now penned a lullaby called ‘Sleep On’ for their first child, which is due in July.

Paul said: “After writing music for the Royal Wedding it seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage of the royal couple’s journey together.”


Paul has recruited Hayley Westenra to sing the song, which will feature on ‘Hushabye’, her new album of lullabies and be sent to the couple ahead of the baby’s birth.

And Hayley, who has performed for William’s father Prince Charles in the past, is delighted with the song.

She said: “Paul and I got together to work on a song called ‘Sleep On’ in honour of William and Kate’s new arrival as it’s such a joyous occasion which we can all celebrate.”

It has been claimed that William’s brother Prince Harry has been telling friends the couple are expecting a baby boy.

However, no official comment has been given on the matter.