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Don’t be hasty over Perak Speaker’s post


PETALING JAYA, JUNE 10- The MIC is divided if it should give up all state government positions if it not given the speaker’s seat at the Perak state legislative assembly.

Party strategy bureau chief S Vell Paari today said the party should not rush into not accepting any position in the Perak government if its representative is not appointed as the speaker.

Palanivel-and-MICHe said this was because MIC is unlike MCA which can afford to take such a stand because the Chinese community is economically sound and has the financial backing of various NGOs.


“The Speaker position only benefits the person appointed as the Speaker and not the community,” said Paari in a statement today.

velpaariHe was reacting to a call by party president G Palanivel that MIC will not accept any position in the state government if the state Barisan Nasional does not appoint its representative as the speaker.

“The Perak government is already giving MIC a special advisor’s post with exco member status despite it not winning any state seat in Perak. We also have a special officer in the Menteri Besar’s office.

“On top of this we have two MIC councilors at the district level. If we do not accept these positions, then the Perak state government will appoint someone else outside of MIC.

“It’ll be something similar to the appointment of Waythamoorthy (deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s department),” said Paari, adding that this will in turn be detrimental to MIC.

“My feeling is simple, if we want to make a stand then it must be for the cause of the community and not to be seen as an egoistical exercise,” he said.

He said MIC leaders, members and community in Perak should not be punished or deprived for the sake of the Speaker’s position.

“I am told that the Perak government is not happy with our choice for Speaker. If that is the case we can give other names to choose from,” he said.

He added that if the Speaker’s position is unavailable, then MIC can ask for something that will enhance or benefit Indians in Perak.

“I’m sure we can discuss this with the Perak Menteri Besar,” he said, adding that the party could solve the matter by calling for an extraordinary general meeting and take a stand once and for all.”