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Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam finally hit theatres in Tamil Nadu today


New Delhi, February 7- Actor-director Kamal Hasaan’s controversial film Vishwaroopam finally hit theatres in Tamil Nadu on Thursday.

The movie was released after the ban on the film under Section 144 of CrPc was lifted by District Collectors across the state following a compromise reached between Haasan and Muslim outfits who were up in arms against it, claiming the film offended their sentiments.

Justice S Rajeswaran allowed Haasan and government to withdraw their pleas after they expressed their wish to do so.

Earlier, Tamil Nadu government had banned the film on January 22, two days before its scheduled release in 524 theatres.

“Wherever I go or live, your hearts are my permanent address,” said the actor, who had threatened to go on a self-imposed exile following the ban. Haasan dedicated his film to his fans and welfare clubs monitored by him.

Haasan said he would return the money sent by fans in the belief that even if politics and religion left him in the lurch, he had many houses where he can eat and sleep.

The compromise with Muslim groups preceded an emotional outpouring by Haasan, who had spoken of having to pledge his house in the making of the Rs.100 crore multi-lingual spy thriller that was released in other states, barring his own.

Haasan said he was moved by the gesture of his fans who had sent money after his revelation that he could lose almost all of his property, pledged towards making the film.

He received widespread support from the film industry across the country after the ban was imposed by the government, citing threats of violence.

vishwaroopam_350_020413034307Haasan thanked his colleagues from Tamil cinema industry and their counterparts in other languages of Indian cinema and also the media, whom he said viewed his right (to expression) as theirs.

The film, made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, was originally slated for release on January 11, but has been lurching from one crisis to another.

The first trouble came from theatre owners who opposed the tech-savvy actor’s move to release it first on a DTH platform, forcing him to indefinitely put it on hold.

Then came the 15 day ban by the state government, forcing Haasan to take the battle to the court. He got interim relief from a single judge who allowed its release but a division bench overturned it and reverted the matter to a single judge.

Finally, the breakthrough came after Jayalalithaa offered to facilitate a resolution to the crisis if Haasan and the Muslim outfits could arrive at an amicable agreement.