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DAP challenges ROS to hold public inquiry


PETALING JAYA, AUG 12- Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang challenged ROS DG Abdul Rahman Othman to call for a public inquiry into the DAP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) election in order to establish reasonable and acceptable grounds for his directive to hold fresh party polls.

kit-siangLim called on the ROS DG not to abuse his power and act arbitrarily as he has to uphold peoples’ confidence towards the public service.

“Public service is facing the worst crisis of confidence in nation’s history as their impartiality and professionalism have been subverted to political interference,” said Lim.


“This has made the public service guilty of being very biased and selective in their decisions and actions especially in selective prosecution and oppression,” added Lim.

In July, ROS issued an official directive to the DAP to hold fresh polls following complaints by party members that the last December’s election was marred by irregularities.

The DAP defied the order and further demanded reasons to hold a fresh party election. It also claimed that ROS has no powers to make such an order.

According to Lim, holding a public inquiry will unveil any irregularities and fraud in the elections and also prove that Umno/BN had churned out mass production of lies and falsehoods against DAP.

Furthermore, Lim stated that DAP had fully co-operated with the ROS in explaining the technical glitch experienced during the election when the first allegation cropped up.

“The ROS accepted the explanation as satisfactory as they (DAP) had not received any request for further clarifications,” said Lim.

In addition, Lim also squashed the second allegation that “753 DAP delegates (mostly Indians)” who were eligible to vote in the DAP’s elections were not given notice to attend and vote at the DAP congress.