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Google, Facebook take lion’s share of online advertising


SEPT 24- Google and Facebook are reportedly the top leaders to cash in the online advertising, leaving the rest of the digital advertising firms with no growth.

google-facebookMarket analysts indicate that in 2012, online advertising in the US grew 15.5 per cent, to 36.6 billion dollars, and the two big Silicon Valley giants grab much of that growing pile of cash.

An analyst with data tracker Pivotal Research, Brian Wieser said that excluding Facebook and Google, who take up most of the share, there is almost no growth, New York Post reports.


Pivotal indicates that out of the 19 billion dollars spent on search, the largest areas of online advertising, Google has an estimated 95 per cent share.

The report said that while spending in the digital space has grown exponentially, one-time stalwarts AOL and Yahoo! have been left on the sidelines.

According to Pivotal data, keeping aside Google and Facebook, display and traffic acquisition costs (TAC), web advertising stands at just 12.4 billion dollars, constituting an annual growth rate of just 1 per cent, the report added.