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People Hope New Year Celebration Takes Place In Peace



 Kuala Lumpur, Dec 30 – The people hope the celebration on the eve of the 2014 New Year Tuesday will take place peacefully without any any act which can jeopardise security.

Generally, they hope the illegal assembly planned on new year eve to topple the government in protest against the hike in living cost would be aborted as it does not benefit anyone.


They believe that any disturbance would not only affect the celebration, which is much awaited, but could also threaten peace and security, which is cherished by all.

In fact, they feel the action could tarnish Malaysia’s image in the eyes of the world and foreign tourists who would also be celebrating the new year, which marks the start of the 2014 Visit Malaysia Year (VMY).

The VMY has targeted for 28 million tourist arrivals in Malaysia who would spend RM76 billion, a crucial revenue when the global economy had yet to fully stabilise.

With so many positive developments and activities awaiting the new year, the people are against any attempt to disrupt their lives including enjoying the new year celebration, in two days.

Federation of Peninsular Malay Students (GPMS) president Jais Abdul Karim said the new year celebration must be filled with positive actions with an open heart despite the myriads of future challenges.

“The assembly will cause problems. I am worried students may be arrested and risk facing a bleak future when their universities take disciplinary actions,” he said when contacted by Bernama here, Sunday.

Jais said rightly the celebration on new year eve should be filled with religious activities and performing prayers seeking perennial peace.

Meanwhile, Tourism and Culture Ministry Corporate Communications Unit head Dr Amerjit Singh S Bhag Singh said such illegal assemblies should not be held as it would threaten public safety.

Amerjit Singh said it could also cause unease among local and foreign tourists visiting the city.

“But I believe the police are fully prepared for the illegal assembly and they are more knowledgeable in handling cases like this,” he said.

Civil servant Nurazlin Mazene, 27, said the illegal assembly could turn chaotic and endanger families who would turn up, as in past years, for the much awaited event, and as such should be aborted.

She said the illegal gathering could affect the national economic development and erode investors’ confidence in Malaysia.

“Why create chaos? Indeed, we have the Parliament. We can discuss any dissatisfaction there. This illegal assembly does not bring any benefit. The economy will also go down because investors will be afraid to invest in our country,” she said.

Meanwhile, Universiti Sains Malaysia Bachelor of Communications final year student, Noor Husna Mohd Shafie, said students must safeguard their reputation and the good name of their universities by steering clear of illegal assemblies.

As such, she said students should not participate in any gatherings which were clearly unlawful.

“Use the right channel, if one is unhappy. Gathering illegally can result in the students being arrested. This can tarnish their image as they are supposed to be able to differentiate between the good and bad,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib urged those contemplating taking part in the gathering to be matured in their thinking and avoid being influenced by activities which could affect harmony.

“My advice, don’t be easily influenced. Let us start the new year in a positive atmosphere. Don’t waste the government’s effort to develop the country,” he said.

The year 2013 will come to an end in two days and numerous activities were scheduled to take place in the city to celebrate the coming of 2014.

The main activity which is expected to attract 40,000 visitors on the eve of new year on Tuesday is the New Year Celebration programme at Dataran Merdeka and Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) organised by Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

The celebration, which is expected to start at 8.30pm until midnight, would also be in conjunction with welcoming 2014 TMM with a fireworks display.

Among the activities to be enjoyed by the public are a performance by an orchestra and a concert at Dataran Merdeka while cultural performances, to exhibit Malaysia’s uniqueness, would be held at KLCC.

Furthermore, religious programmes would also be held as spiritual fulfillment on the eve of new year, namely, IKIMfM Mahabbah Carnival organised by IKIMfm Radio on Dec 31-Jan 1 from 7.45pm at the Usamah bin Zaid Mosque in Wangsa Maju here.

– Bernama