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Hot Yoga: The Latest Fad In Health World


Yoga outdoors.

London, Jan 22- Hot Yoga is making waves in the fitness world, not because it is fun, but also because it’s a great exercise. Expert says that 50-minute classes can help in achieving a healthy body, if done religiously.

Michele Pernetta, a known yoga teacher, says Hot Yoga means exercising in a hot room.


“It originally was Bikram Yoga (started by Bikram Choudhury). Then other people started teaching different styles in a hot room, everything from Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga, to Ashtanga or a personal mix from a teacher who may or may not be qualified to teach in hot conditions. So the term really just means you are doing yoga in a hot room,” said Pernetta.

She also says that there are less chances of injuries in such yoga as the heat allows you to press further into the poses as your muscles and joints are at their optimum temperature.

“This is beneficial as deeper stretching brings more blood and oxygen to your body. You detoxify through sweating. The skin is the largest organ of the body and research has shown that toxins such as unwanted metals and salts are eliminated through sweating.

“It also makes it much easier to perform the poses as you feel loose and comfortable. People also find the heat cathartic. It has the effect of relaxing you on a deep level, allowing you to go into places you couldn’t normally reach, releasing mental and emotional stresses you don’t normally get the opportunity to look at in normal daily life,” said the expert.

However, while opting for Hot Yoga, diet has to be monitored.

“I believe the ayurvedic diet system is the best, as there are three main body types and diets, and what is good for one person, is not good for another,” said Pernetta.

“Have a proper meal with protein. Eating less sugar and carbohydrate and more vegetables and good fats such as coconut oil, ghee, cold pressed olive oil, organic food and protein,” she added.